RAW Alberta II

These 41 images were taken during a quick road trip through southern Alberta early September.  Every image was captured as naturally as possible without a tripod or polarizer.  Minimal cropping, basic exposure and contrast adjustments were used in Lightroom afterwards.  The idea was to try and capture rural Alberta exactly how it is by using natural light, shadow and mood through composition without all of the heavy post production work afterwards.  The purpose is to create more images, document the road trip and stay creative without the pressure of getting that one 'big' shot.  Anyone can create images like these.  All you need is a basic DSLR and the means and desire to get out and create.  Happy shooting!

0Y5A2285 copy.jpg
0Y5A2290 copy.jpg
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0Y5A2365 copy.jpg
0Y5A2373 copy.jpg
0Y5A2377 copy.jpg
1A0A3502 copy.jpg
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