RAW Alberta IV

Frigid fingertips and rock-solid gravel roads were on the agenda as I scouted areas for our next Abandoned Alberta Photographic Workshop.  These simple snapshots are a behind the scenes look at the alternative landscapes encountered down the secondary highways and gravel roads.  All of the images were taken handheld, without filters and with minimum post production work to keep the images as natural and true to the scene as possible.  Thanks for looking and sharing.

Robert Scott

0Y5A8852 copy.jpg
0Y5A8854-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A8858 copy.jpg
0Y5A8862 copy.jpg
0Y5A8866 copy.jpg
0Y5A8867 copy.jpg
0Y5A8868 copy.jpg
0Y5A8871 copy.jpg
0Y5A8873 copy.jpg
0Y5A8877 copy.jpg
0Y5A8881 copy.jpg
0Y5A8885 copy.jpg
0Y5A8888 copy.jpg
0Y5A8890 copy.jpg
0Y5A8892 copy.jpg
0Y5A8893 copy.jpg
0Y5A8894 copy.jpg
0Y5A8895-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A8896 copy.jpg
0Y5A8901 copy.jpg
0Y5A8906-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A8916-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A8929-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A8946 copy.jpg
0Y5A8951 copy.jpg
0Y5A8958 copy.jpg
0Y5A8960 copy.jpg
0Y5A9066 copy.jpg
0Y5A9067 copy.jpg
0Y5A9068 copy.jpg
0Y5A9069 copy.jpg
0Y5A9070 copy.jpg
0Y5A9071 copy.jpg
0Y5A9072 copy.jpg
0Y5A9074 copy.jpg
0Y5A9075-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A9077 copy.jpg
0Y5A9093 copy.jpg
0Y5A9100 copy.jpg
0Y5A9107-Edit copy.jpg
0Y5A9116 copy.jpg
0Y5A9123 copy.jpg
0Y5A9141 copy.jpg